Most frozen and take-and-bake pizzas come with instructions for direct-rack baking.  This usually creates a sticky, baked-on mess on oven racks and surfaces!  The Pizza Ring’s innovative and patented design eliminates this messy problem!  AND evenly crisps pizza crust at the same time.  Why and how?  Because most of the pizza is still baking directly on the rack!  The Pizza Ring’s clever design catches bubbling-over ingredients, and protects crust edges from over-baking! 

We call it The Oven Saver Pizza Baker!  And we bet you will like the pizza it bakes better than any traditional pizza pan or competitive product on the market today!

Watch this video to see how The Pizza Ring works! Here’s a hint…it works beautifully. Not only will you love the delicious results, your oven will be spotless! It truly is a one-of-a-kind product. We know…we have the patent!

Using the Pizza Ring

The Pizza Ring is intended for pizzas with instructions for direct-rack baking.  Simply follow the oven temperature and baking times on the pizza's instructions.  (Oven temperatures may vary.)

The Pizza Ring is constructed of carbon steel, 14" diameter (13" baking surface), and is nonstick!  Do not use The Pizza Ring in the microwave oven.

Makes a Great Gift!

The Pizza Ring makes a great gift for every household, and can even be used to catch bubbling-over yummy ingredients when baking pies!

How is The Pizza Ring Different?

• THE BEST METHOD for baking frozen and take-and-bake pizza! AND pie!
• Designed by a lifelong baker! • Carbon steel construction!
• Dual-purpose functionality! Place a pie pan on The Pizza Ring to catch bubbling-over ingredients!

Our $9.99 price includes FREE SHIPPING! Order 6, we'll send you a 7th one FREE! Makes a great gift!

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